Cow Nubuck Waterproof Leather For Safety Shoes

Cow Nubuck Waterproof Leather For Safety Shoes

Cow nubuck W/P leather is very good on all kinds of boots, safety shoes, outdoor shoes and handbags, it can pass both dynamic and static waterproof test. FYI: As for dynamic W/P test, it can pass 15,000 cycles.

Product Details

Cow nubuck waterproof leather for Safety shoes

Size: 14+ sq ft Side

Thickness: 1.6/1.8mm, 1.8/2.0mm

Selection: ABCD

Color: Dk.wheat, black 

Best for products:Shoes, safety boots, outdoor shoes, handbags, etc

1. Multiple color options

2. Excellent Waterproof Function

3. Good quality, even surface


4. Fantastic finished product


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