The Distinction Of Leather

- Dec 07, 2018-

In the market popular leather products have two categories of leather and artificial leather, and synthetic leather and leather is made of textile Budiki or non-woven substrate, respectively, coated with polyurethane and the use of special foaming treatment made, there is a surface feel similar to dermis, but breathable, wear resistance, cold resistance are not as good as dermis.

How to distinguish between true and false leather products?

1.Leather noodles: Natural leather noodles have their own special natural patterns, leather luster natural, with the hand to press or pinch the leather surface, the leather surface without dead wrinkles or dead folds, and no cracks, and artificial leather leather surface is very similar to natural leather, but carefully look at the pattern is not natural, luster than natural leather, color is more bright.

2. Body: Natural leather, soft and resilient feel, and imitation leather products although also very soft, but insufficient toughness, cold climate when the body is hard.

When the hand twists and turns the body, the natural leather curvature back to nature, the elasticity is better, and the imitation leather product curvature movement is raw, the elasticity is poor. 

3. Incision: The incision at the natural leather is consistent in color, and the fibers are clearly visible and fine.

The incision of the imitation leather product has no natural leather fiber sensation, or the fiber and resin visible at the bottom, or from the incision to see the bottom cloth and resin glued two levels. 

4. Inside: The front of the natural leather is smooth and flat with pores and patterns. There is a distinct fiber bundle on the opposite side of the leather, which is plush and uniform. And The imitation leather products in some synthetic leather positive and negative consistent, inside and outside the luster are good, but also very smooth, some artificial leather and the opposite side is not the same, the leather can see the obvious bottom cloth, but some of the leather surface is similar to natural leather, leather also has a natural leather fluff, which should carefully observe the difference between true and false varieties