The Development Prospect Of Leather

- Dec 07, 2018-

With the development of science, the performance of synthetic leather will be closer to natural leather, but can never reach the target of natural leather. The reason for this is that the nature of leather comes from the life sciences. Animal skins are part of life, and the depth and mystery of life science is not something that can be imitated by physics and chemistry in general, and people can synthesize bovine insulin, but never synthesize bulls, cows, and goats. In addition, leather products for users also have a special psychological value, that is, ostentatious and masturbation, which is the same as wearing a copper ring and gold made of the ring heart feel the same. With the improvement of the quality of life, people's demand for leather will only grow, and it is impossible to decline, so it is not too much to say that the leather industry is a "daily industry."