Processing Of Deer Skins

- Dec 07, 2018-

Peel off the deer skin if not timely evenly sprinkled enough fine salt flooded, will cover rotten hair, want to do with fur pad naught. The skin of the hair is turned into pieces in the tanning and drifted away with the water, leaving part of the name of the day "rotting plate" worthless. Rolled up, folded a rubbing brittle sound dry skin because the dermis has been seriously damaged, after tanning is also defective products, small spots, big wrinkles, used as clothing to lose the sense of beauty.

That is pick small pieces cut, waste too much, real lament. Relying on the years of teaching by senior tanneries, it is only by knowing the key to each link. To flood the perfect, must have a suitable proportion, generally speaking, a plum blossom deer skin, need to be evenly sprinkled in the meat fine salt about five or six Jin. A big horse deer skin in the same way sprinkled fine salt about 10 catties. In short, the amount of salt is somewhat different depending on the size of the leather.

Solemnly told: Do not use large grains of salt, because it will breaking hurt the dermis layer.