Leather Maintenance Seven Attention

- Dec 07, 2018-

① because of cowhide, sheepskin, pig skin is the main ingredient is protein, so it is easy to damp, up thunder, raw insects.

To this end, in the wearing of leather, to avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline and other substances. 

② leather clothing is best often worn, and commonly used fine velvet wipe. If you encounter moisture or mildew in the rain, you can wipe away the water stains or mildew spots with a soft dry cloth.

But do not wipe with water and gasoline, because hydro jiao leather hardens, gasoline can make leather oil volatile and cracked. 

③ Leather Clothing wrinkles, can be ironed Shandou ironing, temperature could be mastered between 60-70 ℃.

When hot, use a thin cotton cloth to lining the ironing cloth, at the same time to keep moving the iron. ④ Leather clothing lost luster, can be used leather glazing agent glazing, cut do not use leather shoes oil to wipe. In fact, to the leather glazing is not difficult, as long as the cloth dipped in a bit of polishing agent in the leather coat gently Xu Xian-two times can be.

Generally as long as every two or three years-Shimitsu, on the field to keep the leather soft and glossy, and can extend the service life. 

⑤ leather garments should be repaired in a timely manner if they are torn or damaged.

If it is a small crack, can be in the crack Xu Point egg clear, cracks can be bonded.

⑥ leather clothing is not worn, it is best to use a hanger to pick up; Of course, it can also be placed, but to put on the top of other clothing, lest it be crushed and wrinkled, affecting the beautiful. 

⑦ leather Clothing in the collection before the drying-down, can not be exposed to the sun, hanging in a cool and dry place through ventilation can be.