Identification Of Deer Skins

- Dec 07, 2018-

Deer skin is an important part of the series of deer products, it can do high-end car seat skin, sofa seat skin, leather shoes, leather jacket, its application range is relatively extensive; in recent years, the European and American markets have been popular with deer skins to do interior decoration materials.

It is characterized by: soft, sturdy, beautiful, lighter weight, water resistance, high temperature resistance up to 120 degrees, low temperature resistance effect is better. Deer skin feel excellent, especially after years of baptism, long-term use of velvet like the touch, but also any leather can not be compared! Wild deer skins in the natural, crude condition of the text road. Deer skin refers to a kind of skin such as domestic deer, wild deer and suede.

Features are soft, pore rate of large toughness, large elongation and so on. Including the skin of raised or wild deer, and the deer skin is closer to suede or yellow suede, elk skin (moose skin, brown horn deer skins) and reindeer skins, its skin than goatskin thick, fibrous tissue is also more compact and meticulous.

The use of life

Is the production of high-grade leather apparel and high-grade car seats of high-quality materials.