How To Clean And Maintain Safety Shoes Made Of Nubuck Leather?

- Mar 14, 2019-

Safety shoes are the most delicate ones in all kinds of shoes. The so-called delicate is not to say that the shoes are not good, but because the nubs are very easy to get dust, not to mention the light series, including black and brown. It must be fully revealed. After the shoes are worn due to wear, the fibers on the surface will gradually fall off, the leather will become smooth, and the rough surrounding sand will form a discordant contrast, which will affect the appearance.


Nubuck is a shoe material obtained by dyeing the leather to expose the neat and uniform leather fiber structure. Because the delicate texture gives a thick and warm feeling, it also makes the shoe most often in winter.  If the matte leather shoes are contaminated with dust, do not wipe them with a damp cloth. This will make the area of the dust more and more. It is better to use a large and soft brush to lightly brush or slap the upper and gently dust the dust. If the stain is difficult to remove, use a damp cloth to remove the stain by tapping and tapping. This will not cause the stain surface to continue to expand. Do not wear matte leather safety shoes in rain or snow, because a large area of water will be difficult to care, and the leather will harden.

If you are not sure how to get the nubuck leather, please send the shoes to the shoe repair shop for maintenance. Of course, you can evenly apply the shoe powder matching the color of the safety shoes to the surface of the shoe, and the excess part can be brushed off with a soft brush.

There are several points to be aware of the maintenance of nubuck leather safety shoes. It is necessary to store at least one day for drying, and to carry out the storage work while ensuring that the labor-saving shoes are dry. Otherwise, if the shoes are stored with moisture, the shoes are easily moldy in the shoe box. When buying shoes, don't throw away the paper balls attached to the shoe box. When you store the shoes, you need to put these paper balls back into the shoes to support the shoes and prevent the shoes from deforming in the shoe box. After the shoes are placed in the shoe box, it is best to wrap the shoe box with the paper in the shoe box to prevent the shoes from rubbing each other and causing damage to the leather surface. After the desiccant is placed, the shoe box is finally stored in a cool and dry place for storage.

In fact, no matter what kind of material safety shoes, we must carefully maintain it, so that will increase the wearing time,  otherwise even if the best safety shoes, without your good care, it will last too long as you expect.

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