Cowhide Stripping

- Dec 07, 2018-

When peeling cowhide, it is easy to have the disadvantages of stroke, knife wound, broken skin, broken hole, anti-claw, leaking gear and so on. The stroke cut a mouth on the leather, the depth of the wound did not exceed one-second of the thickness of the skin; more than one-second of the thick skin, but not penetrating called a knife wound; the cut-through leather was called a hole. According to the provisions of the acquisition, the first-class skin can only carry a maximum of two strokes, its area can not exceed 55 square centimeters, or can only bring a hole, if more than the provisions, reduce the first level, the price will be reduced by about 20%, the anti-claw is the limbs of the skin cut oblique; All of these can cause the quality of cowhide to decline, reduce economic income, the correct method of peeling should be: first with a knife from the middle of the cow's abdomen straight up and down the line. Then from the front of the chest straight line to open the front leg skin to the anterior hoof, the hind leg from the anus straight line to open the hind leg skin until the back hoof, can not be skewed. At the same time, pick the skin off your head.

If the martial arts is peeled with a machine, it is sent directly into the machine.