The tannery industry is not a highly polluting industry

- Dec 07, 2018-

The impact of this understanding is very broad, in addition to the negative media coverage, "take for granted" the traditional concept is the main reason for the formation of this misconception. People's prejudices and disgust are mainly motivated by concerns about pollution in the tannery industry and the dirty, smelly and tiring stereotypes of tanneries.

In particular, "stink", China has long had "three cobblers top Zhuge Liang" proverb, in addition to stating that the tannery industry is a technical business, the need for intelligence and wisdom, but also reflects people since ancient times there is a "stink" of leather mentality. In the past few decades, the tannery industry, like other industries, does have environmental pollution problems, but its pollution emissions account for only 0.47% of the country's total emissions, while the gross product of leather accounts for 2% of the country's industry, and the export volume accounts for 4% of the country, in the sense of 0.47% environmental costs in exchange for 2%--4% Social benefits, suggesting that leather pollution is no more serious than other industries, in the light industry ranked after paper and food, ranked third, far from the "Baiye" status as people think.