Performance of leather bags

- Dec 07, 2018-

1, affinity with the human body; Animal skins are mainly made up of collagen, and human skin is also collagen.

Therefore, as long as the processing process control the use of chemical materials, all leather can be in close contact with the human body 0, affixed to wear, will not produce any adverse reactions to the human body, which is incomparable to any chemical fiber. 

2, mechanical properties; leather has a certain elasticity, but its elasticity is different from plastic and rubber, stretching to a certain length, rebound does not occur in line with the elimination of external forces, but according to its specific curve slowly return to the original, this is the back of the leather rebound hysteresis.

This unique mechanical properties, so that leather clothing, leather shoes wearing comfortable stickers, no sense of pressure on the body, shoes and rubber shoes, plastic shoe wearing feeling different reasons lies in this.