Cow/Buffalo Nubuck Softy ABCs

- Dec 28, 2018-

Nubuck is with special treatment leather. The dermis is gently wore off by a grinding machine, so that the skin appears velvet effect such as silk feeling.  Due to nubuck is natural skin without any pigment, the requirement on crust is high.  Generally, only 15-20pcs out 100pcs natural cow skins are qualified to be raw material for nubuck.  We are professional nubuck manufacturer and producer for more than 30 years, we provide all kinds of nubuck in various thickness, color and style.  Some colors can achieve water-proof function, it is elegant and high end, suitable for high end handbags, leather shoe (especially best choice for lady shoes and boots).  Thickness 1.6-1.8mm and 1.8-2.0mm are first choice for Safety shoes, hiking shoes, military shoes.


1.  How to calculate usage rate?

Since nubuck is natural leather without any pigment, it is hard to achieve 100% usage rate.  It also depends on different products and position of the leather.  General speaking, average usage rate of 85% can be defined as high quality.  If usage rate less than 60%, it is typically defined as bad quality.

2.  Regarding to Nubuck Selection?

As it is natural skin without any pigment, it is hard to avoid defects such as white dots, scars, brands, neck wrinkle.  Generally, our usage rate on Selection A is 85-92%, Selection B is 78-85%, Selection C is 65-78%, Selection D is 55-65%.  Different ratio of Selection, price varies a lot.

3. Can all Nubuck achieve water-proof function?

It depends.  Since in order to achieve water proof function, it should be done during process of dying.  Normally we will do slight pigment on the final dyed color.  But if with pigment, the waterproof function on the surface will be affected.  As it is hard to control color variation, especially on bright colors, most tannery technicians can do 2-3 colors for water proof which is most familiar for him to handle.

4. Is there any color variation on a single order?

To be honest, it is difficult to guarantee no color variation except dark color such as black and dark coffee.  As for lighter color, very hard.  Because Nubuck is dyed directly in the drum, and then process slight color adjustment.  It is not the same as other pigment leather.  There will be 3-4 color tones for a color, we call it Color A/B/C or Color Window A/B/C.  Before delivery, we will send Color window to customer for approval.

5. Is Nubuck easy to clean?

Compared to normal pigment leather, it is harder to clean Nubuck.  It is the same as a lovely while delicate pet needs special care and attention.  Since the dermis is gently wore off, it is highly recommend to be careful when dealing with Nubuck.

6.  Difference on Cow Nubuck and Buffalo Nubuck?

Surface on cow Nubuck delicate, once wore off its dermis, it appears to be high silk feeling and very soft and smooth.  Surface on Buffalo is relatively rough, even the dermis is wore off, the rough pore can be seen.  Based on above, cow Nubuck is a bit more expensive than buffalo Nubuck.  Our technology can make buffalo Nubuck 80% similiar to cow Nubuck.