Characteristics and differences of leather materials

- Dec 07, 2018-

Head layer skin and two layers of skin: According to the level of leather, there are head layer and two layers of leather, including the first layer leather has granular leather, shaving leather, embossing leather, special effect leather, embossing leather, two-layer leather and two layers of pigs and two layers of cattle leather.

Granular leather: In many leather varieties, the whole grain leather topped the list, because it is from the less disabled of the superior raw material leather processing. Shaving leather: is made by using a grinder to grind the surface lightly after finishing, and then pressing the corresponding pattern. In fact, there is a "cosmetic" of natural leather noodles with disability or roughness.

This kind of leather almost lost its original surface state, Full-grain leather characteristics: Divided into soft leather, wrinkle leather, frontal leather and so on. Features for complete retention of granular surface, clear pores, small, tight, irregular arrangement, the surface plump and meticulous, elastic and good breathability, is a kind of high-grade leather.