Can the treatment of tannery sewage

- Dec 07, 2018-

There is a prejudice in the community that tannery pollution is difficult to govern. As a result, many areas expressly do not go to tannery enterprises.

What's more, the tannery enterprises do not use, for a variety of reasons to harass, "run"-whether emissions are up to standard-until the owners helpless, enterprises collapse or move, flee. In essence, tanneries and pollution are not necessarily linked, raw skin is not contaminated and toxic, its emission pollution from two aspects, one is the use of polluting chemical materials, the other is the raw skin in the process of removing non-tannery substances into the waste water. Both sources of pollution can be avoided in the production process, which is the so-called clean tanning process, the current study of clean leather technology in China has matured, new technology has been transformed from the laboratory to large production. With regard to the treatment of tannery sewage that has been produced, new processes and equipment are emerging, and their technology has matured, and meeting the national emission standards has long been the minimum requirement for most tannery enterprises. As for the existing substandard enterprises, most of which are inadequate equipment investment or deliberately muddle through to reduce costs, the main reason is no longer in the technical category.