Bright Leather Leather Cleaning

- Dec 07, 2018-

Only the outer surface of the leather coat cleaning, oiling, coloring, glazing and maintenance, leather lining is not within the cleaning range.

If you need to clean the lining, only try to scrub, but some oil stains, stains can not be scrubbed off. Velvet noodle, scrub skin, furry skin, oily skin, and fur one of the leather clothing belongs to the whole wash, more easily adsorption dirt, washing easy to fade, can also simply spray the top layer of colorless oil, if the coating is too thick, will change the feel, and even lead to the crack surface, thus changing the original clothing style of leather, loss of dermis.

This kind of leather clothing in the cleaning process will appear in different degrees of light color, color flowers, grinding white, dirty, oil, pigment after washing has printing. • Oily skin is a special cortex, in the cleaning process can only be colorless oil, can not complement the color, so the oily skin itself if there is stains, oiled after the cover, such as oil stains, after cleaning there is still a mark.