ABC Knowledge on Rawhide--Classification

- Apr 03, 2019-

  1.  Based on its form and shape, there are: Salt wet raw hide, air dry rawhide, salt dry rawhide and Salt water immersion rawhide.

  2. Based on surface condition: a. With stamp or non-stamp; b. scratch; c. insect bite; d.grab hole; e.knife scar and hole; f.Mold. g.  Castrated salt quality; h. Whether shape is complete.

  3. Based on method of skin peeling: a. Hand peeling; b. machine peeling; c. half-machine peeling.

  4. Based on skin type: unbred female cowhide; female cowhide; male cowhide; dairy cow skin; cattle skin, buffalo skin; wild skin.  For different type, the softness,price & treatment are different.  For example, 1kg cattle skin and 1kg buffalo skin from a single raise place, price will vary 5-6 times.