Tree Paste For High-end Bags

Plant tanning is rich in tannin (enamel >8%), and the use of skin, dry, leaf, fruit, etc. is called plant tanning. The extract obtained by extracting the tannin from the plant extract with water and the solid block or powder obtained by further treatment is called tannin. Therefore, vegetable tanned leather made from vegetable tannins is also called tannin, suede, and the bark, wood, husk and leaves of the plant are all raw materials. The vegetable tanned leather is also known as the tree cream, and some are written as tree skin. Characteristics of plant tanned leather: The leather is softened by tanning and fatening. The leather structure is compact, small in stretch, good in formability, full and elastic on the board surface, non-greasy, and the grain and suede of the leather are shiny. Water absorption is easy to soften, and plasticity is easy to shape. The color is from the light pink to the light brown of the original color, which is most suitable for the leather carving process. Plant tanned leather includes: sole leather (inside and outsole), industrial leather, garment leather, car seat leather, luggage leather, belt leather (many netizens often use belt leather, which is belt leather), mat leather and so on.

Product Details

[name of leather]: Italian style first layer color vegetable tanned skin (tree cake skin)

[Leather style]: Gorgeous plain

[Leather shape]: natural side

[Leather Specifications]: 16-25SF

[Sheet thickness]: 1.2-1.4MM 3.0/3.5 (customized according to customer needs)

[Features of leather]: high grade, good quality, mainly A/B grade

[Main use]: high-end bags, belts, handbags, wallets, IPAD sets, IPHONE sets

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