Crazy Horse leather shoes notebook cow full grain leather

Name: Crazy Horse Thickness: 1.8/2.0MM (other thickness can be customized according to requirements) Style color: multi-color optional (other colors 1000 feet can be customized) Level: Level Specifications: half a sheet is about 20/25 square feet / piece Product use: DIY trademark Vintage leather products More widely used in footwear              Luggage, mobile phone case, tablet bag, high-end notebook              WaitAll leathers are selected from high quality imported small Yellow cowhideProduct real shot display

Product Details

Crazy horse skin products in foreign countries, especially in Europe, America and Japan, sales are much higher than domestic sales. Because foreigners' consumption perspectives are highly acceptable for mad horse skin products, mad horse skin products have special scratches, but over time It will be more and more bright, its quality is superior leather products, can also be called oil skin, classical color, a nostalgic style.

Raw material: imported yellow cowhide embryo

Color change effect: with oily feeling (wax feeling); belonging to medium and high-grade leather

 Widely used, crazy horse skin series, crazy horse skin with a messy surface, feels strong leather, pick up the color of the background color, occupy the status of high-end products in the leather market, in the footwear market It is the leader.

Crazy horse skin, Taiwanese like to call it crazy cowhide, the mainland is called oil-impregnated skin, its surface has a matte effect, but the hand feels smooth, the hand pushes the skin will produce a color-changing effect, it is more obvious when worn, it is suitable for rough, leisure Kinds of shoes, suitable for hiking shoes, ordinary cowhide will undergo multiple processing, which greatly changes the appearance and characteristics of the cowhide itself, while the mad horse skin will retain the original rough characteristics of the cowhide itself!

   Maintenance method: colorless care cleaning paste, leather cleaner, wipe on a clean cloth, a small amount of rubbing on the leather surface, like the skin is breathable, although there is a certain waterproof, but should try to avoid water, The water should be wiped dry immediately.

The characteristics of Crazy Horse Skin are that the surface is disorderly and scratched, so that there is a rough and retro style. There will be scratches when you touch it with your hand. With the use of subcutaneous oil to reach the surface of the cowhide, the cowhide becomes brighter. Traces and some scars can't be seen. This is also called raising cows. Or the leather maintenance oil scratches will also become lighter, generally do not need special treatment, cattle grazing animals, so there will be growth texture, skin spots, scratches, knives, wrinkles, etc. left by the cattle during the growth process. Normal phenomenon, cowhide is like a friend, not the newer the better, it will be more and more obsessed after the baptism of time and years, so there is a saying of 'human skin.

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