Cow Patent Leather For Boots And Shoes

Cow Patent Leather For Boots And Shoes

Our Cow patent Leather is very good on all kinds of boots,fashion shoes, and handbags, it is available in a wide variety of colors and thickness.

Product Details

Cow Patent Leather for Boots and shoes

Size: 16/26sq ft /Side

Thickness: 1.3/1.5mm, 1.4/1.6mm

Style: Mirror surface, soft

Shape: Natural or trimmed

Color: Blue, white, red, orange, yellow, green, black and other options 

Best for products:Shoes,  boots,  handbags, wallet, belt, case, etc


The pictures are based on our physical leather.  Due to computer screen variation, the Color and Skin shining may have little difference.  Bulk please refer to physical samples.


Genuine leather is common with scar, vein or other natural defect.  As for wild animals, they are raised in wild, thus, it is unavoidable to have bites from mosquito or scratches.

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