Cow Nubuck Velevt HandbagLeather

Cow Nubuck Velevt HandbagLeather

Cow nubuck Velvet Handbag Leather is softy, natural, smooth and fashionable, it can make various kinds of handbags such as purse, clutch, large size bags, etc.

Product Details

Cow Nubuck Velvet Handbag Leather

Size: 12/20 sq ft Side

Thickness: 0.9/1.1mm

Selection: ABC

Color: Lt.Brown, Lt.Pink, Blue, Brown, Taupe, Black, Tan

Internal code: D319-D325

Best for products:various handbags such as purse, wallet, clutch, briefcase, etc

Feature: Softy, gentle, smooth, natural and fashionable

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We have more than 30 years of experience in making leather (especially for bags & shoes), owning a skillful team who serve multi international brands in the long term.  We can help you get the best leather with least cost. 

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